Thursday, September 13, 2012

Utah {aka pictures pictures pictures}

August 18th we went to Utah for a week. It was fun, busy, but fun.

The flight there was surprisingly really good. The kids did good, we did good, we survived. 

Sunday we had a huge Blair party. D was in heaven with all of her cousins. HEAVEN

James did not like Dad holding Alice, not one bit.
She got stuck.... 

James checking out Anna. 

We took 84 pictures of all 20 of the kids.... this is the best one :)

it was quite the moment... 

Everyone who wanted James to like them soon figured out all you needed was a phone with video on it.

D exhausted after the Blair party.

The next morning was a special party for the 6 girls that are all born with in 18 months of each other. D was sooooo excited and even made this sign for the door. 


Breakfast with Grandma and Grandpa Blair...

An awesome park by our families home. It was nice being there at nine in the morning it was empty, I really wouldn't want to be there when it is crowded it was hard enough to keep an eye on the kids and we had it to ourselves.

Our parents took us on a quick boat ride. ..... James hated every minute of it, but the rest of us enjoyed ourselves.

Collin worked at the Utah Museum of Natural History when we were going to the U. Since we have been gone they have made a new BEAUTIFUL museum that we had to visit.

This dinosaur is from the old museum, when you throw coins in it's mouth it growls.

We went to Breakfast at Ruths Diner with the Shaw's then followed up with the Zoo. Usually the kids are great Zoo kids,... but it was hot and they were grumpy.

By the end this is how we all felt.

"Hey Delilah say cheese by this sign so we can have one good picture from the Zoo." .... or not.

The trip was exhausting and I should have taken more pictures but I was trying to enjoy myself and the company and kept forgetting to find the camera. As exhausting as it was we had a lot of fun and hope we can make it an annual thing.